So what exactly is handmade type? Well, I'm gunna go ahead and define it as "any limited edition type made using the hand." Basically, if it hand drawn, painted, carved, photographed, digitally altered or created digitally from scratch. What you won't see on this blog is publicly available fonts or uncreative work. Other than that it's pretty open... I'll be posting great contemporary, as well as vintage, examples of handmade type.

Hand drawn and experimental handmade typefaces are all over the place right now. They can be seen prolifically in advertising, design and art. We are in a 21st century Renaissance and experimentation of the hand drawn type of the early 20th century. This blog is a place of discovery, a place to share and a place to inspire.

The Handmade Type League started out of my life as a designer. I am using more and more handmade typefaces in my designs and always looking for great examples and inspiration for my work. This blog is a collection of what I find, a way of organizing this renewed popular design element.

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