February 18, 2013

Sophie Roake Lettering

So, one of my new Twitter followers this week happens to have some awesome hand lettering work. Sophie Roake, a recent design grad and freelancer, has a great website full of creative lettering examples. Her style is casual, colorful and very contemporary with a healthy dose of sarcasm mixed in. Go check out her Tumblr page for more awesomeness.

Dribbble Hunting

Mama Menu #3 by Szende Brassai.

Click Boom Amazing by Andrew Power.

Nahla by Joachim Vu. (Nice process sketches!)

February 4, 2013

She & Him Hand Lettering

Bob Dylan, as far as I have seen, pioneered the idea of hand lettered music videos. Various remakes of his original are also fascinating to watch and have inspired many others to try the same for other songs. Here is a hand lettered video for She & Him's song "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here" made by Michelle Cho. A fun project. What song would you hand letter?

A Very She & Him Hand Lettering Project from Michelle Cho on Vimeo.

Monday Dribbble Hunting

You're Just My Type by Ken Barber.

New Logo by Bijdevleet.

Seize the Day by Mikhail Gulkov.

mewithoutYou Set Lists

mewithoutYou - One of my favorite bands, great music, great lyrics, great shows. They also work with some pretty awesome designers and artists. I follow them on Twitter, and love seeing their hand drawn set lists they post for each show. Almost as diverse, dimensional and engaging as their own music, these set lists give new meaning to the quotidian objects, often lost or thrown away after shows.

There are dozens of examples on their Twitter account, but here are a few of my favorites.